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November 19, 2009



That's an excellent gift! I picked up guitar not to long ago, and wish I would have learned to play the piano. I have a keyboard, but can't play more then one solitary note at a time. Happy Birthday to your niece.
I've started reading your blog way back in day one, it will probably take a while to get through it, but I think one of my favorites is you running a marathon for your morning, and afternoon jog. LOVE the blog!

Kitty Tabarez

Love your blog, it's better than any book the rest of the HS drones are reading. Your blog has substance, as for my blog--its just there. If it were hardware, it'd be "collecting dust".

Means of Expression...i find writing to be very effective. I think you might too (ha.ha.).

Kitty Tabarez

fuck, i forgot to link my blog...http://veillechaqueregard.blogspot.com/ its a piece of shit, but its my piece of shit. i love it.

Marisa Guzzardo

Hey - your brother should be grateful you didn't get her drums... like I did for my nephews. Music is an awesome gift for kids!

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