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November 16, 2009


ND-The Brokleyn Native

Conner! Your kind of awesome witty,intelligent and don't seem to be too much of a hipster. I found your blog via Maura's blog on Marie Claire. I am also kind of falling in love with your words,how you use them and your writing style. I kind of love this post and I totally believe you did the right thing ,the salvation army will live. ( my over use of kind of is my lame attempt to not sound like im crushing on a blog --enter nervous laugh here--)


I read the Living Flirtatiously and she had a link to your blog. I must say I find your blog fascinating! I will become a faithful reader. I think you will get quite a few readers from Maura's postings actually. I believe you carried through being an Eagle Scout and helping the gentleman out.


A welcome reminder that spending a little time, and acknowledging another's humanity costs less than marked down Salvo jeans, but is in fact priceless....


Beautiful post.

dark horse

don't forget your tackle box for your compliment fishing trip

Sandra Elizabeth Henke

SCORE! Excellent verk, young man!

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